Dear CustOMER or Curious Visitor,

The retail side of the REMO General Store went to sleep indefinitely on 1 May 2012.

Sorry about that, but we had a good run :)

For almost 24 years REMO served and delighted a network of CustOMERs located in over 140 countries throughout the world. It was a fun ride ... and not without its ups and downs. Mostly, it was rewarding for everyone involved.

Facebook timeline HERE. Some examples of CustOMER love HERE.

Q: So what now for REMO?
A: If you're on the REMO mailing list (join it HERE) you'll hear if and when anything changes.

RETAIL is gone but the stories and the spirit live on in the BRAND.

It's possible that the REMO branded merchandise for which we were most famous will become available elsewhere thanks to the imagination and efforts of other people. We'll let our mailing list know if and when anything happens on that front.

Meanwhile, our Custom Service remains AVAILABLE for the following REMO branded items (with minimum order quantities in brackets): notebooks & planners (500), customised keyrings (500), organic australian t shirts (200), fine waffleweave towels (50) & wall clocks (10). Request more information about this ongoing service HERE.

Thanks CustOMERs for all of your support over the years. It's been a really GREAT adventure, and we're all the better for it.

It's been an honour to serve you all.

Cheers & Warm Regards from All at REMO

1 May 2012

P.S: Those interested can follow what the founder Remo Giuffré is currently up to by visiting his website HERE and/or subscribing to his weekly doses of General Thinking below.